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Top 5 RPM Platforms

Nearly every industry has felt the impact of digital transformation. Of course, traditional healthcare is no exception. Newly emerging technologies like telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring are facilitating enhanced care delivery. It results in improved patient outcomes and reduced costs outside of the conventional clinic setting.

Certainly, there’s a much greater acknowledgment, especially in the post-COVID world, to find more effective ways to monitor a patient remotely. In fact, hospitals and healthcare providers are continuously investing in RPM solutions for chronic and other conditions that require continuous surveillance.

The top RPM platforms are utilizing integrated devices, in-home monitoring solutions, and enhanced healthcare metrics, as part of their remote monitoring programs. In fact, some top RPM platforms focus on just one specific condition, some provide just the monitoring technology to healthcare organizations, and some others offer comprehensive Remote Patient Monitoring platforms that integrate with several devices to work across a number of conditions.

Top RPM Platforms to Consider


HealthSnap is a leading digital remote monitoring and lifestyle health platform. In particular, HealthSnap’s integrated Virtual Care and Lifestyle Data Analytics platforms allow healthcare providers to connect with patients through applications and devices, and track eligibility for CPT reimbursement codes for remote patient monitoring.

Leading healthcare organizations, ranging from top 25 systems to independent groups, trust HealthSnap’s RPM technology to collect and analyze patient data. That is so they can deliver proactive and continuous care to their chronic disease patient populations.

Vivify Health

Vivify Health provides connected devices and other technologies to track patients at home. The company aims to help in reducing the number of patients that may need to rush to the emergency room with such early interventions, thus reducing the overall healthcare costs.

The company, founded in 2009, helps patients with a variety of conditions, such as diabetes and asthma, incorporating health devices like portable blood pressure cuffs and wireless weight scales, in its program.


CareSignal helps in identifying and engaging rising risk patients by providing a remote patient monitoring platform that aims at improving provider as well as payer performance in value-based care. The automated and scalable platform enables prioritization and outreach by healthcare teams receiving real-time alerts, while patients can respond through phone calls or text messages.

Current Health

This remote patient monitoring platform works on the expansion of reimbursement models to enable home-based care by focusing on efficient healthcare delivery. Current Health’s platform includes 24/7 remote monitoring that allows for rapid implementations backed by effective logistics management. With its next generation of wearable devices, the platform combines advanced health monitoring, and AI-driven analytics to help healthcare providers take meaningful action.


NavCare provides healthcare management services aimed at navigating healthcare delivery. The platform aims at relieving the health provider care team from the burdens of chronic and transitional care management by providing continuity of care with their care coordination and health management services.

HealthSnap’s Integrated Suite of Products for Your Healthcare Organization

As one of the top RPM platforms, HealthSnap leverages a range of diverse data sources, including wearable cellular-enabled devices, applications, and patient questionnaires. We analyze and translate the collected data into an easy-to-understand patient profile for your care team to take appropriate and successful action.

HealthSnap’s solution gives your patients near real-time health insights and enables your healthcare team to provide customized clinical changes, helping the switch to a more proactive posture that focuses on proactive management of chronic conditions.

To learn more about HealthSnap’s integrated Virtual Care Platform, use our online form or call at 888-780-1872 to request a consultation.

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