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Today’s top provider groups use HealthSnap's Lifestyle Data Analytics platform to manage and prevent lifestyle-related chronic conditions, reduce costly readmissions, and maximize patient engagement between visits at scale.
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Row 1 Remote healthcare is the new healthcare. View our RPM FAQ to learn more

Row 2 HealthSnap is the world's first and only
Lifestyle Data Analytics Platform
Maximize patient engagement between visits
Our patient-app allows your organization to deliver the consumer experience patients expect, while our Lifestyle Profile™ empowers them to achieve their full health potential with personalized health insights.

Row 2 Scale patient monitoring programs without the guesswork
Device-agnostic wearable and health device integrations combine with the power of HealthSnap’s eligibility reporting and patient outreach teams to ensure the financial success of your monitoring programs.

Row 2 Improve patient outcomes straight from your clinical workflow Empower your care teams with all of the lifestyle and clinical data they need to drive patient outcomes using your existing clinical workflows and our seamless EHR integrations.

“As healthcare moves to value-based models of care, partnering with HealthSnap provides our organization and others with a long-term solution for remote patient monitoring, messaging, and coaching to optimize chronic disease management.” Dr. Cate Collings Medical Director, El Camino Health
Mountain View, CA

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