The world’s first Lifestyle Data Analytics platform for modern patient care
HealthSnap exists to help people understand and benefit from lifestyle data.

Row 2 We believe in the power of prevention over treatment
We’re passionate about healthcare, lifestyle data, technology, and the outcomes that matter. Today there is no record or understanding of lifestyle data between patient visits, their importance in patient care, or their relation to clinical outcomes. In a new age of chronic-disease management; real-time, remote, and continuous lifestyle data is the most relevant, valuable, yet ignored source of data on your patient’s health status.

Row 2 We’re building the future of Lifestyle Data Analytics with our evidence-based, secure and HIPAA compliant platform. HealthSnap empowers healthcare organizations on their journey to patient-centered and outcome-based care.

Row 2 Leadership Team
Samson Magid Chief Executive Officer
& Co-Founder
Samson runs HealthSnap and is focused on transforming patient care from reactive "sick-care" to proactive and "always on" healthcare. He was pivotal in the initial research and development that led to the commercialization of HealthSnap.
Dr. Wesley Smith Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder Dr. Smith leads research and development for HealthSnap. He is a leading expert in chronic disease management, prevention and healthy aging, and is the director of the graduate program in nutrition and human performance at the University of Miami.
Chase Preston Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder Chase leads HealthSnap’s product development, the design team, and technology roadmap. Previously, he spearheaded the algorithm development that powers HealthSnap.
Misha Kerr General Counsel & Co-Founder Misha oversees HealthSnap’s legal and business affairs. Previously, she worked as a trial attorney in New York’s Supreme and Appellate Courts. Brad Blakey Chief Revenue Officer
Brad leads HealthSnap’s customer-facing teams, including sales and support. He previously led sales at athenahealth and nextgen.
Lizette Ramos VP of Operations Lizette leads HealthSnap’s operations. She has previously lead teams at Mckesson and Change Healthcare
Dr. Craig Flanagan Director of Product Science Dr. Flanagan runs HealthSnap’s product science team. As an expert in exercise science, nutrition, and behavioral science, Dr. Flanagan applies the latest scientific evidence to HealthSnap’s solution. Nicola Onassis Chief Technology Officer Nicola runs HealthSnap’s engineering infrastructure, and keeps HealthSnap available, secure, and performant. Previously, he worked at crowdstrike and yahoo. Scott Silverman Chief Financial Officer Scott oversees HealthSnap’s financial, legal and strategic growth initiatives. Previously, he has orchestrated investor exits for multiple companies, including seven successful IPOs.

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