#MillenniumLive: Transforming Patient Care: The Power of Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management with Healthsnap

In this episode of the #MillenniumLive podcast, Millennium Alliance is speaking with Healthsnap, an integrated virtual care management platform that helps healthcare organizations improve patient outcomes, reduce utilization, and diversify revenue streams. HealthSnap makes chronic condition management accessible and convenient through programs like Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM). Joining are Samson Magid, CEO & Co-Founder of HealthSnap, and Angela Orsky, Senior Vice President of Value-based Care and Clinical Integration at Prisma Health.

Samson offers the founding principles of HealthSnap, and its mission to address critical gaps in healthcare delivery by helping providers deliver proactive, ongoing and remote care for patients living with chronic conditions. Angela takes us behind the scenes at Prisma Health, the largest healthcare organization in South Carolina, and the decision to implement a comprehensive RPM and CCM strategy. She also reveals the implementation process and the key factors that set HealthSnap apart as the ideal virtual care management partner. Angela shares invaluable insights into clinician and patient feedback on the program, highlighting the broader implications of implementing RPM and CCM programs, and why Healthsnap is shaping the future of remote healthcare delivery.

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