Virginia Cardiovascular Specialists

"HealthSnap’s leading RPM and CCM capabilities enable our physicians to be more proactive in the care they provide, and their chronic disease-agnostic Virtual Care Management platform will be an important part of our overall virtual care strategy for years to come."

Dr. Dean Caven

President, Virginia Cardiovascular Specialists

Virginia Cardiovascular Specialists

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Resurgia Health Solutions

Hypertension, Provider Group, Remote+

HealthSnap not only allows us to build our revenue base but offers a sustainable way to see patient health data and respond to it. Once we can use the data correctly to see where the risks are, we can begin to predict events, intervene before they happen, and actually move the needle to improve the cost of care and the quality of care....

Newtown Internal Medicine

Hypertension, Provider Group, Remote

How Newtown Internal Medicine Reduced Uncontrolled Hypertension by 24% Using a Combination of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Functional Medicine...

Heart of Florida Health Center

FQHC & CHC, Hypertension, Remote

How Heart of Florida improved hypertension outcomes for its underinsured populations with RPM...

EraCare Physicians

Diabetes, Hypertension, Provider Group, Remote+

How this Primary Care Practice Transformed their Chronic Condition Management with Full-Service RPM...

Outer Cape Health Services

Clinical Use Case, FQHC & CHC, Hypertension, Remote

How Outer Cape Health Services leveraged RPM to improve hypertension outcomes in underserved populations...