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How Prisma Health Enhanced Patient Care with HealthSnap's RPM and CCM Programs

“We found that by keeping people out of the ED, by keeping them out of the hospital, providing them with quicker access to the primary care or specialist office should their condition deteriorate – that this does decrease the total cost of care and increase quality and experience, which are really the ultimate two goals that we have here at Prisma.”

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In this video, Prisma Health shares how HealthSnap’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM) solutions have enabled them to successfully adapt to the diverse needs of South Carolina’s growing population. By leveraging HealthSnap systems and processes, they have experienced improvements in access to care and chronic condition management, fostering proactive healthcare.

You will hear from Pam Smith, CPA, Director, Ambulatory Operations, David Guirao, MD, FACP, Prisma Health Internal Medicine Associates, Jasmine Davis, BSN, RN, Clinical Coordinator, Karla Burton, AGNPN, Prisma Health Internal Medicine, and Bill Gerard, MD, EVP, Value Based Care & Clinical Integration at Prisma Health, and CEO of inVio Health Network, each discussing their experience partnering with HealthSnap to implement RPM and CCM, and the impact the programs have had on their ability to provide better, more proactive care for their patients living with chronic conditions at scale.

“I can truly say that this program has enhanced patient trust and that we actually truly care for them. Just having those periodic check-ins makes them feel like they’re not alone in this process”

Clinical Outcomes

To learn more about Prisma Health and HealthSnap’s partnership, download HealthSnap and Prisma Health’s published RPM and CCM Patient Outcomes.

“The HealthSnap team members have proven time and again that they have the systems, the processes, the architecture, to deliver what we as frontline users and as health system leaders are looking for in a partner.” 

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