EraCare Physicians Customer Story

How EraCare Physicians Transformed their Chronic Condition Management with Full-Service RPM

“I chose HealthSnap because they saw us as a partner and genuinely want us to succeed.”


EraCare Physicians is committed to providing the highest level of patient care to the residents of Clermont and its surrounding areas. With over 30 years combined experience, Board Certified physicians, Dr. Kandil and Dr. Abdelsatar have the knowledge and experience to accurately assess and treat both common and rare illnesses. Both Dr. Kandil and Dr. Abdelsatar strive to see the patient as a whole, not just as a case, building an instant rapport with each patient. Serving Central Florida for more than 4 years, Dr. Kandil and Dr. Abdelsatar established themselves in Clermont, Florida, and with a clear vision of better healthcare, EraCare Physicians was born. 

Keeping up with the changing times, they are always looking for ways to optimize patient care, utilizing the latest technological advancements. With COVID-19 shining a light on the importance of remote-first and personalized care, Dr. Kandil and Dr. Abdelsatar successfully implemented their first Remote Patient Monitoring program powered by HealthSnap.


Although EraCare Physicians has an existing chronic care management (CCM) program in place, they found it to be more labor intensive than anticipated, providing them with very little data that they could put into action. Dr. Kandil knew that real-time patient-generated health data that provides a full picture of patients’ ongoing health is a crucial component in order to provide the best possible ongoing chronic condition care for patients. Yet, they struggled to find an easy-to-implement solution that covered the full requirements of a scalable RPM program: 1. Integrated RPM Platform 2. Pre-configured health devices and shipping logistics 3. Care Management Services.

After reviewing several potential solutions, Dr. Kandil came across HealthSnap’s turnkey, simple, yet powerful RPM solution. By covering all the bases of ensuring sustainability at scale, HealthSnap made implementing an RPM program an easy decision for Dr. Kandil as he sees RPM as a necessity for chronic condition management. He believes HealthSnap offers an all-in-one solution that arms him and his care teams with the right data, for the right patient, at the right time

Program Highlights

Dr. Kandil shared that he chose to work with HealthSnap because he noticed that the team at HealthSnap viewed EraCare as a genuine partner that wanted the practice to succeed. That set the program apart for him, and he also noted that HealthSnap did not take an upfront fee.


By having additional data points and Care Management Services from the RPM program available to him and his care team, Dr. Kandil shared that he was able to make more informed decisions, without any additional burden to his staff, which helps him make proactive improvements in his patients’ care plans every day. The additional data, insights, and changes to patients’ care plans with the help of HealthSnap’s Care Navigators helped bring them to a more sustainable model as they meet the difficult task of managing ongoing chronic conditions on a daily basis.

“Most patients are very happy with the program and really enjoy the discussion with their Care Navigator Nurse. They have even reported that their nurse provided them with valuable information that they didn’t know beforehand, making it an overall impactful and positive experience for them.” 

– Dr. Kandil

He shared that most patients have had positive feedback and have enjoyed being on the RPM program. In addition, their discussions with their dedicated HealthSnap Care Navigator nurse, as part of HealthSnap’s Care Management Services, provided them with new and valuable information, so that it was both a positive and educational experience for them. Dr. Kandil was glad to share that patients have not voiced any negative feedback with respect to the RPM program. Finally, in terms of financial outcomes, he also shared that reimbursement was in line with his expectation.

Outcomes Data: 

HealthSnap recently ran an analysis on 85 patients who have participated in EraCare’s RPM program for at least 90 days and have recorded blood pressure readings in at least 30% of the days enrolled. Patients’ first 7 readings were averaged to determine a baseline status of “controlled hypertension” or “uncontrolled hypertension” with a threshold of uncontrolled hypertension defined as ≥130 mmHg SBP or ≥80 mmHg DBP. 52 patients were categorized with uncontrolled hypertension. 

Systolic Blood Pressure Change

Patients with uncontrolled hypertension had an average baseline systolic blood pressure of 141.5 mmHg. 

In the time since enrollment, 67.3% of these patients improved systolic blood pressure, with an average change of -5.54 mmHg (141.51 mmHg to 135.96 mmHg).

Diastolic Blood Pressure Change

Patients with uncontrolled hypertension had an average baseline diastolic blood pressure of 81.4 mmHg. 

In the time since enrollment, 71.2% of these patients improved diastolic blood pressure, with an average change of -3.33 mmHg (81.43 mmHg to 78.10 mmHg).