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Resurgia Health Solutions Customer Story

Closing the gap between house call visits with RPM

“We are on a transformation journey, one that is predictive. RPM is at the foundation that allows us to see tomorrow.”


Resurgia Health Solutions, an innovative housecall medical practice based in Atlanta, Georgia, is focused on providing medical care when and where patients need it. Their visiting house call physicians treat patients in the comfort of their own homes with a suite of mobile medical services that align closely to the services provided in a typical doctor’s office, but with a concierge level of service that is high-touch and highly effective in getting to better patient outcomes and lowers overall health care costs. Resurgia has 10 board-certified clinicians that are experienced in primary, urgent, acute, chronic, geriatric, palliative, and post-operative care.

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Prior to partnering with HealthSnap for integrated virtual care, Resurgia received patient reports from home health visits that contained gaps or minimal data. They were operating in a manner that was episodic with a limited touchpoint during a visit or phone call. Kevin Charles, the general manager at Resurgia, reported that some patients document their readings in a handbook, but with their senior population, that documentation is often not legible, available, or is inaccurate – leading to unnecessary patient outreach, inefficient staff time, and gaps in care. Having access to vitals and real-time data through Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) would allow for a consistent and reliable picture of their patient’s health outside of their typical patient encounters while maximizing care team efficiency.

Program Highlights

Resurgia Health is on a transformation journey that is patient-centered, predictive, and preventive. They have found Remote Patient Monitoring and virtual care to be the foundation that allows them to see tomorrow while helping them develop a new virtual care revenue stream introducing a sustainable way to see their patients’ health data and respond to it. By partnering with HealthSnap, they are able to use real-time health data to view where potential health risks are, predict potential health events, intervene proactively, and drive significant improvements in clinical and financial outcomes.

Understanding the dynamic fluid nature of medical practice and the commitment to evolving and accommodating as changes arise, HealthSnap was able to deliver customized practice workflows that fostered scalability and growth of their virtual care program, by leveraging HealthSnap’s integrated Remote Patient Monitoring solution.

From a practice perspective, Kevin was interested in an RPM solution with longevity and consistency, and with HealthSnap’s industry-leading virtual care solution, he was confident that this would be a long-term partnership where we could grow together. 

Kevin recounted inquiring about adding Resurgia’s patients’ Health Fusion ID number, the unique identifier they use for patients, and HealthSnap provided curtailed solutions to match the unique needs of Resurgia’s practice. HealthSnap demonstrated the flexibility and ability to adjust, which was aligned with Resurgia’s needs as an RPM partner.

“HealthSnap not only allows us to build our revenue base but offers a sustainable way to see patient health data and respond to it. Once we can use the data correctly to see where the risks are, we can begin to predict events, intervene before they happen, and actually move the needle to improve the cost of care and the quality of care.”


Over a 12-month period, Resurgia Health has enrolled nearly 300 patients in HealthSnap’s RPM program leading to increased patient engagement, satisfaction, and health outcomes. Patients that have been enrolled for at least 90-days have transmitted an average of 17 days of data each calendar month, improved systolic blood pressure by an average of 4.83mmHg, diastolic blood pressure by an average of 2.35mmHg, and have reported marked improvements in security, self-efficacy, and health literacy.