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How The Right RPM Provider Can Supercharge Your Practice or Health System

Patients with chronic conditions are increasingly looking for healthcare providers and health systems that are equipped to offer them the option of virtual care management when they need it. Dynamic, proactive and patient-centric providers are recognizing the power of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), which delivers more convenient, continuous, and effective care at home, and cuts down the patient’s need to physically visit the hospital or the physician’s office.

The key is to choose the right RPM provider that has an integrated platform, proven and reliable cellular-enabled RPM-connected devices, and the necessary skills, resources, and experience to help healthcare companies deliver high-quality virtual patient care. A dedicated Remote Patient Monitoring provider can help care teams stay on top of their patient’s needs and achieve their goals of patient satisfaction and revenue growth.

Deliver Better Patient Outcomes to Put Your Practice & Health System Ahead of the Competition

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In the long run, only those healthcare practices and health systems are able to build a robust reputation and outperform their peers on all metrics that go the extra mile to deliver better patient outcomes. A dedicated Remote Patient Monitoring company can help in achieving this core objective for healthcare providers. Consider the following facts:

Improved Outcomes in Chronic Care with RPM

According to the CDC, more than 50% of all Americans currently live with some form of chronic illness. In the case of seniors in the age group of 65 and above, this figure goes up to 86% – out of which, 56% have multiple chronic diseases. By 2023, the treatment costs and loss of economic productivity from chronic disease in the US are estimated to go up to $4.2 trillion a year. For seniors, in particular, aging in place usually offers much higher satisfaction levels rather than having to stay at a nursing home because of a chronic illness.

With a capable RPM provider on your side, it is possible to help these large patient populations with chronic conditions attain better health outcomes and lead to an improved quality of life. For example, an RPM provider offering cutting-edge devices with cellular technology to monitor patients with hypertension, heart disease, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can help your care teams reduce the need for acute care.

Researchers have estimated a 65% reduction in repeat visits to the Emergency Room within 30 days after treatment and a 35% reduction in heart failure-related hospital admissions when the patients are part of a Remote Patient Monitoring program with a dependable provider. Similarly, studies have shown that telehealth interventions with help from well-equipped RPM providers can result in significant and sustainable improvements in the control of diabetes, and reduction in A1 C levels and cholesterol levels.

Faster Post-Treatment Recovery and Fewer ER Visits

By partnering with an experienced and resourceful RPM provider, you can also help patients achieve safer and faster recovery after surgery and complete rehab successfully without having to rely exclusively on physical visits to the doctor’s office or the hospital. Moreover, emergencies and complications may be reduced to a considerable extent when a well-devised Remote Patient Monitoring program is in place for virtual care management.

The preventative care approach of successful RPM programs leads to higher patient satisfaction levels. Clearly, healthier and happier patients are the best brand ambassadors for a medical provider or health system, who will share their satisfactory treatment experience with others and spread positive word-of-mouth about the services they received from you.

Health systems can use the services of a strong Remote Patient Monitoring provider to reduce the burden on the emergency room. Long waiting times for patients, overcrowded ERs, and overworked medical staff are serious issues that bring down the performance of the healthcare system over time. With the backing of a capable RPM provider, you can have an increased ability to monitor the health of your patients at home.

This removes some of the burdens from the stressed-out ERs and creates an easier availability of beds while serving a larger number of patients. A recent study published in JAMA revealed that successful RPM programs resulted in improved treatment for Covid-19 patients. According to the researchers, patients that participated in the RPM program had a shorter hospital stay of about three days compared to non-participating patients.

Increase Revenue with RPM to Improve Your Bottom Line

Astute decision-makers at many healthcare systems and practices are already recognizing the win-win scenario that becomes possible when they team up with a highly rated Remote Patient Monitoring service provider. On one side, high patient satisfaction leads to reputational benefits and patient trust and loyalty, which strengthens the market leadership and brand dominance of the healthcare provider. On the other hand, a reliable RPM program directly helps in increasing practice revenues in the following ways.

Greater Access to Care for Patients Across the Continuum of Care

A top-rated RPM provider will offer comprehensive services that can help the health system or medical practice widen its scope of treating and managing patients in multiple domains, including patients with chronic diseases, elderly patients, emergency patients, people recovering from surgery, and patients with injuries from accidents.

Having access to multiple domains increases the number of patients that can receive your healthcare services, directly boosting revenue generation. Moreover, a cellular-enabled RPM system will remove most of the geographical boundaries and barriers. As a result, you can offer your medical services to patients in new areas and distant territories. This helps expand your sources of revenue generation, and at the same time provides high-quality healthcare access to patients living in remote locations.

Adding New Revenue Streams to Your Practice

With a comprehensive Remote Patient Monitoring program from a competent provider, you will be in a position to bill for a wider set of virtual patient interactions, ranging from text messages to video consultations, while increasing your billable hours. With innovative digital and hybrid care models, RPM programs also help encourage more patients to seek treatment, who might have otherwise avoided visiting the hospital due to fear of infections.

For example, patients who are suffering from or are at an increased risk of diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart failure, structural heart changes, and pulmonary embolism, can receive continuous support outside the hospital with RPM programs. This lowers the risk of cardiac-related hospitalizations and adverse events, while also creating new revenue streams for medical providers.

Low Incidence of Appointment Cancellations and Patient No-Shows

Same-day clinical appointment cancellations and patient no-shows are among the key factors that reduce the revenue generation potential of a healthcare practice or health system. Patients who are struggling with a chronic illness may sometimes not be in a position to keep a clinical appointment or may simply forget the scheduled visit to the hospital or clinic.

This not only adversely affects patient care but also consumes valuable staff time and has financial downsides for the provider. A reliable Remote Patient Monitoring platform, on the other hand, helps ensure smooth and continuous monitoring of chronic conditions, increases patient engagement and personal interest in the treatment process, and improves compliance. Patient reminders through RPM devices and closer interaction between the provider and the patient lead to nearly zero appointment cancellations, enabling greater revenue generation.

Wider Opportunities to Provide Care and Make an Impact with a Dedicated RPM Platform

Until now, Remote Patient Monitoring programs have been largely used to address immediate patient needs. But with the right RPM provider, platform, and technology, healthcare companies can derive much greater value from RPM. In its most basic form, RPM is about the collection of physiological data of the patients in near real-time. But that is just the tip of the iceberg when you join hands with a forward-thinking RPM provider.

Advanced Remote Patient Monitoring companies can help healthcare teams identify targeted medical therapies, tests and procedures as well as proactively monitor patient data and analyze the evolving long-term trends in patient care to capture new or additional revenue.

With comprehensive near real-time data collection with RPM, it is possible not only to identify the gaps in high-acuity patient care (for patients diagnosed with heart conditions or hypertension), but also to determine which treatments, therapies, and lifestyle changes work best, and which ones don’t.

For instance, knowing the changes to a patient’s body weight, blood glucose or blood pressure levels only tells a part of the story. Healthcare practitioners can pair remote vital signs data with clinical guidelines, functional status, and symptomatology to lower the incidence of adverse events and reduce readmissions and hospitalizations for high-acuity patients as well as other patient populations.

This is where next-generation Remote Patient Monitoring service providers can play a key role. Patients are always going to face a gap in opportunities in the care they receive. How to get the patients on the most appropriate therapies or medications to improve their functional status and cut down their risk of readmission or hospitalization – that’s where a good RPM program can make a difference. Ultimately, providers can find significant long-term opportunities to enhance care for all with help from an advanced RPM provider.

The Transformative Power of HealthSnap’s Remote Patient Monitoring Platform

HealthSnap’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) integrated Remote Patient Monitoring and care management platform is the choice of hundreds of healthcare providers and health systems looking to outperform the competition and lead from the front in patient care. HealthSnap’s platform is driving proactive, continuous, and effective care throughout the care continuum, empowering providers, care teams, administrative staff, and most importantly patients to receive care when they need it most.

With an innovative patented Eligibility Report from HealthSnap, you can take out the guesswork from RPM billing and generate up to $1,883 in new revenue per year per patient. Our HIPAA-compliant, HITRUST-certified interoperable solution ensures compliance, security, and reliability to support coordinated care at scale.

HealthSnap for Providers

With the power of our RPM platform, pre-configured cellular-enabled Remote Patient Monitoring devices (such as blood pressure monitors, weight scales, glucometers, and pulse oximeters), shipping and logistics support, and co-sourced care coordination (both clinical and non-clinical), you can give your care teams and other qualified healthcare professionals the power to manage chronic conditions more effectively.

HealthSnap for Health Systems

Built for health systems, the integrated chronic disease remote management solution from HealthSnap allows you to bring multiple care teams together to deliver proactive virtual care in near-real time. With customizable task and workflow automation, EHR integration support, and population health analytics, you can improve patient outcomes and boost your revenues.

HealthSnap for ACOs

Designed for the outcomes-focused, value-based, data-driven healthcare organization of the future, our RPM platform is helping top ACOs and IDNs achieve their goals through the delivery of integrated virtual care. With HealthSnap, value-based provider groups are able to prioritize patients with the maximum need to gain the most from proactive, continuous care, while bringing down the costs of care and helping ensure patients within the network stay loyal to the network.

HealthSnap for FQHCs and CHCs

HealthSnap is centered on the principle that every patient deserves to receive the best care. With HealthSnap for FQHCs and CHCs, it is possible to increase access to high-quality care for various underserved and rural patient populations. By making continuous remote care more effective and affordable, HealthSnap is enabling health equity and access to all.

Choose HealthSnap’s Virtual Care Management Platform to Take Your Practice or Health System to the Next Level

Patient-generated physiological data is useful only when it is immediately actionable for the clinical teams. With HealthSnap, health systems and provider groups can ensure that the sickest or the highest-risk patients receive the necessary proactive care at the right time for the best outcomes. Patient management and engagement strategies can be standardized across the clinical teams for maximum efficiency.

HealthSnap’s chronic disease-agnostic, interoperable Virtual Care Management Platform integrates with more than 80 EHRs, giving healthcare organizations and systems the ease and efficiency to work seamlessly out of their existing solution. Remote care delivery can be scaled across the patients and care teams with minimal workflow disruptions.

HealthSnap stands out with its unique patented revenue cycle tools, which automate your organization’s reimbursement reports for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) as well as Chronic Care Management (CCM) programs every month. Our cellular-enabled technology and pre-configured devices remove the need for a patient to have a smartphone or Wi-Fi or download any kind of app.

HealthSnap is positioned to provide trained clinical staff along with dedicated patient care management services where the provider wants to offer Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) or Chronic Care Management (CCM) services but does not have the infrastructure for it. It’s also possible to white-label the platform if required. Our clinical staff will deliver care as an extension of your in-house teams for the patients with a custom-branded interface.

We are the industry-leading virtual care management solution with a holistic approach that helps you collect and optimally utilize the patient’s physiological, clinical, and lifestyle data in one place. Your care team will have a holistic, more accurate, and clear picture of the patient’s overall health. To know more about how HealthSnap can help your organization achieve its patient goals, call us at 888-780-1872 or schedule a meeting with us directly.

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