HealthSnap Selected by Prisma Health to Help Patients Across South Carolina Virtually Manage Their Chronic Conditions and Stay Connected to their Doctor

HealthSnap to provide remote patient monitoring and chronic care management services for up to 100,000 patients who have one or more chronic conditions 

Miami, Florida – July 6, 2022 –
HealthSnap, an integrated Virtual Care Platform company, announced today that Prisma Health will make HealthSnap’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM) platform available to more than 100,000 Prisma Health patients across the state who have one or more chronic conditions.

HealthSnap’s RPM and CCM platforms help its customers better integrate their care teams to deliver proactive and remote care between office visits. From chronic disease-agnostic RPM and CCM to AI-guided care coordination, patented billing reports, and population analytics, HealthSnap manages chronic conditions remotely. Prisma Health will leverage HealthSnap for its growing inVio Health Network, a clinically integrated network (CIN).

“As we look for new ways to help people across South Carolina better manage their health and chronic conditions, improve the patient experience, and enhance access to high-quality care, HealthSnap’s RPM and CCM software platform combined with their preconfigured health devices and care management services will help empower our patients to manage their health more easily at home and stay connected with their doctor,” said Dr. Bill Gerard, M.D., EVP of Prisma Health Value-Based Care Services & CEO of inVio Health Network.

“We are excited to be selected by Prisma Health as they look to bring a new virtual care model to hundreds of thousands of people across South Carolina to help them better manage their chronic conditions, have better data and insight into their health, and connectivity with their primary care providers and specialists,” said Samson Magid, CEO of HealthSnap. “Health systems across the nation are looking to new care management platforms like RPM and CCM, such as HealthSnap’s, that allow them to deliver highly personalized, proactive, and ongoing care in the home in collaboration with their state-of-the-art in-office care, empowering people to be more engaged in their day-to-day health and leading to a greatly enhanced physician and patient experience.”

As health systems continue to explore and transition to value-based care models, HealthSnap’s platform allows provider organizations to prioritize patients with more severe conditions that account for the majority of healthcare expenditures. By promoting continuity of care in the home post-discharge and delivering ongoing personalized care management, education, and care coordination, HealthSnap is powering a new paradigm in chronic condition management.

“As the delivery of healthcare has become more virtual, health systems are looking for ways to reach all patients – whether in rural or more populated regions. Platforms like HealthSnap not only help drive better health outcomes for people managing chronic conditions but also play an important role in health equity for people looking to receive world-class healthcare from health systems like Prisma Health and stay connected with their physician when they want, wherever they live,” said Brad Blakey, EVP and CRO of HealthSnap.

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About HealthSnap

HealthSnap is an integrated Virtual Care Platform that helps healthcare organizations improve patient outcomes, reduce utilization, and diversify revenue streams. From chronic disease-agnostic Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM) to AI-guided care coordination, virtual care delivery, automated RPM billing, population analytics and so much more – HealthSnap is the simplest way to manage chronic conditions remotely.

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