2023 in Review: A Message from HealthSnap’s Co-Founder and CEO, Samson Magid

A New Standard in Care: How Virtual Care Management is Transforming the Future of Chronic Disease Management Today

In HealthSnap’s 2021 letter to shareholders, our first, I talked about our belief in the staying power of personalized, proactive, and connected care in the home. And that our business “starts and ends with our patients.” To that end, we kicked off 2023 with one question during our annual team kick-off. How do we deliver the best possible patient experience? And how do we do this at scale? Thus, our North Star was born – obsess over the patient experience. And obsess we did.

We’ve come a long way since I wrote our 2021 letter, growing from 18 employees to over 350 FTEs in 2023, across 33 states. We now have nearly 100,000 (340% annual growth) patients and family members across the country who rely on our virtual care management services, 150+ provider organizations and health systems powered by HealthSnap, multiple virtual care management offerings; Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), and Chronic Care Management (CCM), driving world-class patient outcomes. This has led to 517% annual revenue growth, and the most exciting part is we are just getting started.

Patient Outcomes First, Let the Rest Follow

We don’t take our North Start lightly. In fact, “obsessing over the patient experience” is deeply rooted in every HealthSnap team member’s daily operating system. On the contrary, most new healthcare IT or digital health entrants build a business plan in a vacuum, adjusting revenue targets up and to the right. It sounds nice in theory and on paper, but we’re talking about real people with complex chronic conditions hindered by lack of access to personalized care. By anchoring our service delivery around driving the best patient outcomes and experiences, we reaped the rewards in the form of tremendous growth this year.

Take our hypertension outcomes published this year for example. When reviewing all hypertensive patients, across primary care and cardiology settings, we significantly reduced systolic and diastolic blood pressure. More impressively, the improvements are even more dramatic when looking at patients using HealthSnap with Stage 2 Hypertension at baseline:

By leading with true clinical ROI, both in the form of improved outcomes and experiences, our customers immediately see the opportunity to further their reach across their organizations, typically in the form of “Where else can we use this?” And thus comes organic growth.

The Nurse Experience Flywheel

With great growth, comes great responsibility. HealthSnap’s clinical organization, driven by our front-line staff Care Navigator nurses, is the heartbeat of our virtual care management service delivery. At the start of 2023, HealthSnap employed <50 Care Navigators and now employs close to 250. And thus, HealthSnap’s Nurse Experience Flywheel was born.


  1. RECRUIT → recruit mission-driven team members
  2. ONBOARD → deliver comprehensive training
  3. PERFORMANCE MANAGE → set clear, defined, and measurable goals
  4. TECH-ENABLED → leverage technology to drive efficiency and scale

Unsurprisingly, the 4 pillars of HealthSnap’s Nurse Experience Flywheel are centered around delivering the best patient outcomes and satisfaction, customer results, and arguably most important; HealthSnap Care Navigator employee experiences. 

In 2023, our “happy nurses = happy patients” thesis proved true, leading to markedly positive end-user experiences and tremendous business performance.

A New Gold Standard: How Virtual Care Management is Transforming the Future of Chronic Disease Management Today

A major shift in virtual care management partnerships for health systems and providers in 2023 was the transition from independent disease-specific point solutions to integrated condition-agnostic platforms. This is a direct result of unsustainable adoption during the COVID-19 pandemic, with a lack of long-term strategic planning, along with disjointed virtual care management programs by different partners, all of which inhibited patient impact at scale.

Enter HealthSnap’s Virtual Care Management Platform and services.

As an enterprise and condition-agnostic virtual care management solution, HealthSnap offers health systems and providers a:

  1. Disease-agnostic and EHR-integrated Virtual Care Management Platform
  2. Turnkey cellular device shipping and logistics 
  3. White-labeled, regional, and dedicated enrollment and clinical care management services

By providing a full-service offering from patient identification to enrollment, device logistics, onboarding, care management delivery, and revenue cycle automation; HealthSnap truly enables scale and continuity of care for health systems and providers. Take our key product stats in 2023 for example as a sampling of our patient impact.

Ultimately, the winners in Virtual Care Management solutions, whether Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Chronic Care Management (CCM), or others such as the newly incepted Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) will be the companies that place the patient at the center of their care delivery and who deliver on the quadruple aim of 1. Improving patient outcomes 2. Improving patient satisfaction 3. Improving care team satisfaction 4. Lowering the total cost of care…and I am more confident than ever that HealthSnap and our team are more uniquely positioned to deliver on this vision in 2024 than ever before.

To all of you, thank you for your support and trust. Our work here at HealthSnap is bigger than each of us and our collective belief in empowering people with chronic conditions at home is more important than ever. 

In good health, 

Samson Magid




Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
HealthSnap, Inc.

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