• Looking back at ACLM and HLTH

Looking back at ACLM and HLTH

HealthSnap lives at the convergence of lifestyle medicine and digital health technology—our apps and services are driven by peer-reviewed literature, validated science and delivered with thoughtfully executed technology with the aim of providing an engaging, results-driven experience for both patients and clinicians. Last month, these two focal areas converged both in our mission and on our calendars! While our Chief Business Development Officer Samson Magid, along with our sales team, led a strong contingent at the American College of Lifestyle Medicine’s annual conference in Orlando, CEO Yenvy Truong and other members of the senior executive team traveled to the HLTH conference in Las Vegas to meet with partners and join a dialogue that included other leaders in the health technology innovation space.

American College of Lifestyle Medicine

We returned from Orlando feeling more inspired than ever to carry out our mission of building the future of lifestyle analytics. From meeting hundreds of healthcare professionals leading the way in chronic disease treatment and prevention using lifestyle medicine and our participation in the ACLM’s Corporate Roundtable, it was an eventful and productive week! 

Our key takeaway was that the shift from disease-care to true healthcare really is inevitable. That doesn’t mean the sector isn’t continuing to face major challenges in making that vision a reality, though:

  • The move to true, value- and outcomes-based healthcare will only happen once scalable economic models take hold. This means that as an industry we can’t lose sight of the positive financial impact of improved health outcomes from behavior change interventions. When a patient benefits from a lifestyle health intervention, we must identify and quantify the resources saved from prolonged chronic care treatment and management.
  • Unfortunately, lifestyle change programs still live in silos (just like lifestyle data, although that’s a completely different conversation!). Looking forward, it’s critical that best practices are standardized and lessons learned are shared as we move towards a more holistic approach to lifestyle medicine.

We’re excited to continue carrying out our mission to bridge the gap between lifestyle and medicine and to empower people everywhere by using lifestyle data in partnership with the ACLM community


HLTH (pronounced “health”) is one of the largest health technology conferences in the United States and has become a top meeting for health technology innovators representing payors, providers, employers, pharma and policymakers since it launched in May 2018. This year’s HLTH conference, held in Las Vegas, gathered over 1,000 founders and CEOs, including HealthSnap’s own CEO Yenvy Truong, and focused on emerging trends in healthcare (and non-healthcare trends that will impact our industry).

  • Payor models are changing. Large employers are beginning to cut out traditional insurance providers by directly paying for the care their employees receive. This adds a critical new dimension to the employee wellness sector and will likely see employers playing a more active role in the healthcare sector.
  • As healthcare becomes more connected, privacy issues and consumer trust become more critical. The increasing prevalence of voice assistants, consumer technology, and advanced analytics in the healthcare space hold enormous potential, but recent lapses in cybersecurity by Facebook, Equifax, and JP Morgan Chase have left patients wary of innovation at the expense of privacy.
  • Non-clinical data is the new currency. We’ve seen this coming for a long time, and it’s really happening—while no one is saying that we should do away with lab tests and diagnostic imagery, the sector is finally beginning to recognize the value of lifestyle and social data, particularly to predict and prevent chronic diseases. We’ve known this for a long time and are excited to be building a future where this data is fully leveraged to achieve more meaningful, personalized healthcare and, ultimately, better health outcomes.

It was an exciting conference where we were able to explore the latest innovations in health technology with partners who share our vision of using patient- and user-centered technology to make the future of value-based care a reality.

Moving Forward

ACLM and HLTH are two very, very different conferences, but they’re not as different as you might imagine! Lifestyle medicine providers are absolutely leading the way toward a future where patients feel empowered to take action and participate in their own healthcare. Digital technology and connected health remain among the most powerful tools for these forward-thinking clinicians, and HealthSnap is proud to be building a future at the intersection of healthcare and technology (even if it isn’t always easy on our schedules!).

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