Meet Hera

Hera™ translates patient-generated lifestyle data from questionnaires, health apps, and connected health devices like wearables and remote sensors into a visual and concise Lifestyle Profile™ that everyone can understand.

Reach and retain more patients

Expand your clinic’s reach with remote patient monitoring

With device-agnostic integrations we help you expand your clinic’s reach and empower more patients to seamlessly share their lifestyle data from apps, wearables and other connected health devices.

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Automated and personalized reporting

Turn lifestyle data into action

Advanced algorithms help you understand a complete picture of your patients’ lifestyle health. You’ll get notified as lifestyle data is updated, so you can leverage our HIPAA compliant messaging to provide proactive care in real time when it’s needed most. 

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Track and analyze

Track individual and population health to prove outcomes

Easily track individual patient progress for over 100 different lifestyle health values and use powerful analytics to gain unique insights into how well your interventions are working for your entire patient population.

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