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Understanding your patient’s lifestyle health has never been easier. After a quick and non-invasive evaluation, HealthSnap helps you use lifestyle data to take a personalized approach to your care.

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From acquiring new patients and retaining them for longer, to generating personalized lifestyle reports and tracking outcomes through remote patient monitoring, HealthSnap helps you scale lifestyle medicine to all of your patients and establish your clinic as a leader in the Lifestyle Medicine movement.

Engage more patients on their lifestyle health

Having your patient’s play an active role in their lifestyle is the first step to successfully scaling lifestyle medicine. HealthSnap’s platform provides multiple lifestyle medicine solutions to engage your patients on their time:

  1. Customizable email marketing for patients to submit questionnaires ahead of their visits straight from their inbox
  2. Add your HealthSnap questionnaire link to your website, appointment reminders, or social media marketing to attract new patients online
  3. Place an iPad or tablet in “Questionnaire Mode” and have patients complete questionnaires back-to-back right from your waiting room. Your staff will instantly get notified upon submission, creating a seamless transition and patient experience
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Automated interpretation, grounded in evidenced-based science

Your time is too valuable to spend interpreting lifestyle data and providing personalized recommendations for every patient. Leverage the power of HealthSnap’s algorithm for remote patient monitoring developed by researchers at the University of Miami to:

  1. Provide your patients with an interactive, visually stunning, and comprehensive lifestyle report the same day of their visit.
  2. Each lifestyle report includes features such as:
    • Key “Prevention Scores” based on age and gender-specific norms
    • Education, insights, and recommendation on over 90 lifestyle health values
    • Tailored exercise plans based on a patient’s goals and skill level
    • A personalized checklist for every patient designed to maximize the outcome
    • Custom notes and attachments for your clinical recommendations and documentation
  3. Make the lifestyle conversation easy using a powerful blend of activity, nutrition, behavioral, and health data to easily create a personalized, educational, and data-driven roadmap to health for every patient.

Show outcomes and progress all in one central location

Measure the outcomes of your clinic’s lifestyle interventions and visually show your patients’ progress over time. Guide your care decisions based on progress and easy patient tracking of your patient’s lifestyle data in one central and secure location. Avoid manual data entry and continue to engage patients on their wellness using:

  1. A centralized and HIPAA-secure location to store your lifestyle data
  2. Automated patient tracking software shows progression on over 90 lifestyle data points over time
  3. Customizable and automatic follow-up reminders for reassessments
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