Easily collect, understand, and leverage
patient-generated lifestyle data

HealthSnap provides the tools that help providers and corporations translate patient-generated lifestyle data from wearables, connected health devices, and questionnaires into a standardized Lifestyle Profile™, so that organizations can make the shift from reactive to proactive care.

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How it Works

Step 1

Invite patients to connect and share their data

Add a personalized link to HealthSnap on your website or new patient registration communications, choose to invite a curtailed list of patients, or connect with a patient in person.

Once patients are connected, they can seamlessly share their lifestyle data from wearables, other connected health devices, or questionnaires.

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Step 2

Easily understand and monitor your patients’ lifestyle health data

Advanced algorithms automatically translate collected lifestyle data into personalized values and unique insights for every patient within a standardized Lifestyle Profile™.

Get a full longitudinal picture of patient vitals, activity, nutrition, and behaviors to easily create a personalized, educational, and data-driven roadmap to health for every patient.

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Step 3

Provide more personalized care and visualize patient health outcomes in one central location

We make it easy to access and understand patient lifestyle data, so you can take a data-driven approach to preventive care. 

Provide personalized recommendations, send HIPAA-secure messages, and easily track individual and population outcomes with advanced analytics.

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