Product Overview Lifestyle Data Analytics for Physician Leaders

Row 2 Engage Patients. Monitor at Scale. Improve Outcomes.

Slide Empower patients with personalized lifestyle data insights right at their fingertips Slide Manage chronic conditions and improve outcomes based on real-time lifestyle data and customizable alerts Slide Incorporate and scale new guidelines for Remote Patient Monitoring programs Slide Gain objective intelligence into how lifestyle data and clinical data impact population health

Row 2 Make Sense Of Lifestyle Data With HealthSnap Analytics
Transform raw data into personalized health insights

Gain objective intelligence on population health trends

View next-generation population health reports

View clinical and lifestyle data in one location

Understand how lifestyle data affects clinical outcomes

Row 2 Engage More Patients On Their Lifestyle Between Visits
Device-agnostic wearable and device integrations

One interface for coaches and care teams

HIPAA-compliant messaging

Create customizable health alerts

Patient-centric mobile app for easy use

Row 2 Empower Your Organization On Its Journey to Value-Based Care Chronic condition management at scale

Incorporate RPM reimbursement guidelines

Visualize real-time data transmission

Proprietary monthly RPM eligibility reports

Patient enrollment support

Row 2 Solutions for Next Generation Care Teams Manage chronic conditions HealthSnap For Physician Leaders Prove outcomes of your programs HealthSnap For Corporate Wellness Get lifestyle data insights HealthSnap For Analytics Better understand health risks HealthSnap For Patients

Row 2 HealthSnap for Enterprise Data-driven. Outcomes-focused. And designed for the large healthcare organization of the future. With HealthSnap for Enterprise, you don’t have to choose between short-term initiatives and long-term sustainability. Schedule Demo Empower your providers and the patients they care for with scalable patient monitoring solutions focused on outcomes and analytics built for the modern healthcare organization.

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