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Lifestyle platform for the proactive provider

Understanding your patient’s lifestyle health has never been easier. HealthSnap automatically interprets and tracks your patient’s lifestyle health data so you can focus on providing great care

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Reach more patients

Use your clinic’s personal questionnaire link, integrated marketing emails, or send questionnaires to patients directly to expand your patient reach

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Generate Lifestyle Profiles

Instantly view personalized and unique insights into your patients lifestyle health through a visual Lifestyle Profile.

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Save time

HealthSnap automates all of your patients’ lifestyle health data collection and interpretation

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Track outcomes

Track over 100 health values and gain insight into how well your interventions are working over time

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What our clients are saying

“We have been changing lives one by one with HealthSnap. The reports are concise, easy to understand and not intimidating for patients to dive into. The ease of the software, the technical support behind it and the hugely valuable end product for patients makes it a no brainer! We would highly recommend HealthSnap’s platform to any practice.”

– The Brandwein Institute for Nutrition & Wellness

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